The Heart of Your Neighbourhood

A wise man once said, “You are known by the company you keep.” Going one step further, you are also known by the locality you hail from and the neighbourhood you reside in. A fair amount of contemplation goes in while one is looking to rent a flat. The design and construction of the flat, the quality of the structure, the demographics of the neighbourhood, accessibility to the resources, transportation, and the list goes on. If all these factors are reckoned to be salient for something as temporary as a rented flat, imagine the extent to which one would, and should go while planning to buy a dream home!
A dream home is a house that meets your requirements on all fronts including architecture, size, amenities, conveniences, and most importantly its location and neighbourhood. A house located close to all the necessary conveniences such as provision stores, shopping centres, clinics and hospitals, schools, recreational facilities, eateries, etc. is preferred over the one secluded from the society. Moreover, a buyer expects his/her future home to be well connected through various transport services and also located in a safe, secured, and compatible neighbourhood.

The criteria keeps changing based on the demographics of the residents. For example, the senior citizens of a family would value the proximity of a temple and a hospital; the children would love to have a garden close to their home, while for working people, connectivity of the house will be the determining factor. A balanced combination of all these dynamics makes for a perfect home to spend rest of your life at. Thanks to the modernisation of 21st century, the lifestyle, values, and expectations of people are changing rapidly. We have a lot to achieve and accomplish within a limited amount of time, which calls for higher and more agreeable living standards.
Sociologists have confirmed that we learn from our surroundings. This emphasises the importance of living in a like-minded neighbourhood, where people of similar social, economic, and intellectual strata reside in equilibrium. A life in a gated community can be an apt illustration of the same. Although hailing from different ethnicities and cultures, people living in a same gated community usually share comparable social ranks. Choosing to inhabit a neighbourhood of similar social status assures your conformity to your inborn and acquired standing, and also prevents the downward social mobility of your progeny.

Being a social animal, we look for a communal life which allows us to belong to a certain circle. Apart from generating affinity and togetherness, it makes us feel secured. While hunting for a dream home, one must make sure that the need for a community living is fulfilled completely; because your neighbour is your first relative. Neighbour is the one that will be with you in both your happy and sad times. And nothing can be better than a neighbour who is like you, who understands you, and has similar social stature as you.
While choosing the most affable neighbourhood, one must examine its standard of urbanisation and availability of advanced infrastructure as well. Buying a house means reaping the fruits of your hard work; and it is but natural for your earnest endeavours and monetary achievements to reflect through your habitat. You and your family deserve to live up to your status and affluence. However, having access to all avant-garde amenities is not enough. An eco-green environment with lesser pollution is essential for a healthier and happier living of the entire family. No house can beat a state-of-the-art home nestled in the lap of Mother Nature.

To sum up, the heart of your neighbourhood determines your standard of living. Selecting an ideal home is one of the most crucial decisions and one of the biggest challenges of your life. Being well aware of your personal, social, and communal needs during the house hunting will guarantee an abode that will make your dreams come true.

About The Author:

Akash sir

Akash Pharande is Director of Pharande Spaces, a leading construction and development firm that develops township properties in Western Pune. Pharande Promoters & Builders, the flagship company of Pharande Spaces and an ISO 9001-2000 certified company, is a pioneer in the PCMC area offering a diverse range of real estate products catering especially to the 42 sectors of Pradhikaran. The luxury township Puneville at Punavale in West Pune is among the company’s latest premium offerings. Woodsville in Moshi is another highly successful PCMC-based township by Pharande Spaces which is now in its 3rd phase.

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