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Where is our planet headed to? The earth is warming up, the climate is changing, the seasons are shifting, the sea levels are rising, the ecosystem is being disrupted, the wildlife is being endangered, and more heat related illnesses are emerging. If this trend continues, if we don’t act now, the future of our planet seems grim.

Our life today has become significantly easier, faster, and more convenient as compared to our ancestors; thanks to the modern technological advances. We have reached at a point in human history where perhaps we have almost everything. Our houses are adorned with avant-garde home appliances. Gadgets like mobiles, laptops, tablets which keep us connected are always handy.

Our offices are air-conditioned. Travelling has become faster and more comfortable that we can eat breakfast in one city and reach another for lunch. The list goes on, and we have become completely dependent on this kind of lifestyle. There is no going back now! But maintaining this status quo calls for an enormous expenditure of energy. An appliance without power is just like a body without soul.
Surviving through even one day of load shedding takes a toll on our daily routine. And if we don’t take necessary measures to find alternative energy sources now, our future generations will be doomed to a life of perpetual load shedding. We certainly don’t want to pass this on. Increasing population and availability of limited resources is a dire concern posed before the humanity today.
Apart from population control, this predicament can be resolved by energy conservation. In short, we need to find alternative sources of energy and try to conserve existing resources. How can we achieve this in actuality? We can start with minimizing the wastage of energy. Switching off the electric appliances when not in use takes only a few seconds. A small contribution by each and every one of use can make a big difference.

Electricity is not the only source of energy that we have to conserve. The conservation of fossil fuels including petrol and diesel is vital too. If we make it a point to not use cars for small distances, or to maximise the use of public transport, we will be reducing the usage of fossil fuels significantly. Eventually this will lead to reduced pollution, reduced CO2 emission, and healthier lifestyle.

Just knowing the solution is not enough. We must practice it honestly and spread awareness among others. Creating a buzz for energy conservation in youth is of essence, as they are the future pillars of our society. We at Pharande Spaces have taken this initiative to explore the ways of energy conservation and to spread awareness about it among more and more people.

Being a renowned luxury home provider of Pune, we come in contact with thousands of people from all strata of society. As discussed previously, influencing the collective conscious of a large group of people and instilling good habits in them becomes easier in gated communities that we build. In our gated communities, people utilize common amenities, which in turn reduces energy consumption.

But we have decided to do something more than that. And that’s where solar car parks come in. A solar car park features an integrated photovoltaic system with a sophisticated photovoltaic roof for the large car park facilities. Apart from providing a weather protected parking space, these car parks offer a sustainable solution to our renewable energy needs.
The solar energy produced by the photovoltaic roofs is used in charging electric vehicles, thus reducing the use of fossil fuels. Further, this energy can also be used for other purposes such as powering communication and other auxiliary functions. Apart from promoting the use of solar energy, Pharande Spaces is also aiming to advocate the increased use of green energy.

Green energy is the power that is generated from renewable energy sources including sunlight, rain, wind, waves, tides, and geothermal heat. The green energy produced from these sources aids in electricity generation, air and water heating or cooling, transportation, and rural energy services. Statistics show that worldwide renewable energy capacity has been growing 10 to 60% annually.

If builders and developers like us decide to input into energy conservation and follow green building code, the day is not far when we can proudly tell our children that we have saved our planet. Pharande Spaces would like to urge everyone to be more conscious about energy conservation, as that’s what the need of the hour is!

About The Author:

Akash sir

Akash Pharande is Director of Pharande Spaces, a leading construction and development firm that develops township properties in Western Pune. Pharande Promoters & Builders, the flagship company of Pharande Spaces and an ISO 9001-2000 certified company, is a pioneer in the PCMC area offering a diverse range of real estate products catering especially to the 42 sectors of Pradhikaran. The luxury township Puneville at Punavale in West Pune is among the company’s latest premium offerings. Woodsville in Moshi is another highly successful PCMC-based township by Pharande Spaces which is now in its 3rd phase.

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